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A Never-ending Story of Exploitation, Greed, Lies, Cover-ups and Complicity in Kidnapping, Torture, Murder and other Gross Human Rights Abuses

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The Coca-Cola Company is abusing a national health emergency in the Philippines to attack workers' rights!,, June 16, 2020

"While workers struggle with strict lockdown measures and a lethal pandemic, the company has ordered workers suspected of COVID-19 exposure to self-quarantine without pay.

"Management retaliated on April 6-8 by disciplining 7 union officers and members at the San Fernando and Canlubang plants, including Alfredo Maranon, Belarmino Tulabut, and Danilo Pineda, charging them with 'economic sabotage'. The three leaders were terminated on May 8.

"[M]anagement called on the police to break up a peaceful demonstration by workers protesting the dismissal of their union leaders on June 9. The protesting workers wore masks, respected social distancing and had agreed on procedures with the local police.

"Coke operations in the Philippines are wholly owned by The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, USA. Responsibility for intimidation, dismissals and threats to our affiliate and its members lies squarely with The Coca-Cola Company."

"Investigation Uncovers Newborn Calves Beaten, Stabbed, and Burned at Coca-Cola’s Fair Oaks Dairy Farms"By Anna Starostinetskaya,,| June 5, 2019
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"This week, animal-rights group Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) released horrific footage of its three-month undercover investigation of Indiana-based Fair Oaks Farms--one of the largest dairy farms in the United States and a producer of the milk company Fairlife Corporation distributed by the The Coca-Cola Company. 'Employees were observed slapping, kicking, punching, pushing, throwing, and slamming calves,' ARM described its findings on social media. 'Calves were stabbed and beaten with steel rebars, hit in the mouth and face with hard plastic milking bottles, kneed in the spine, burned in the face with hot branding irons, subjected to extreme temperatures, provided with improper nutrition, and denied medical attention. This resulted in extreme pain and suffering by the calves, and in some cases permanent injury and even death.' ARM's investigation also confirmed that Fair Oaks sends male calves to slaughter for veal, a practice the company previously denied. 'The calf abuse is by far the worst baby abuse that we've ever seen undercover, in any investigation, anywhere in the world,' ARM founder Richard Couto said. 'Nothing is worse than Fair Oaks Farms.'"

"Aspartame Is Linked To Leukemia And Lymphoma In Landmark Study On Humans" By, May 20, 2019
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"Aspartame (especially in liquids) breaks down into asparitic acid, methanol, and phenylalanine; when ingested, methanol turns into formaldehyde — a known carcinogen.

"In a 22-year landmark study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition involving over 125,000 people, significant links were found between daily intake of aspartame and the development of leukemia and lymphoma. (1) These findings are consistent with previous studies in animal models:"

"Ray Rogers challenging Coca-Cola's outgoing Chairman Muhtar Kent at the April 2019 annual shareholders meeting regarding violence and other human rights abuses against union leaders and other workers at Coke facilities in Latin America and elsewhere".

"Coca-Cola Loses Fight with SEC to Exclude Health Concerns Proposal From 2019 Proxy Statement: Harrington Investments Recruits Ray Rogers to Introduce shareholder resolution at April 24th annual meeting calling for Coke to produce a Report on Sugar and Public Health"

"SGA endorses letter asking UMass to reevaluate relationship with Coca Cola; ‘The company goes against UMass Amherst’s commitment to sustainability’" by Leticia Medeiros, Collegian Staff , April 24, 2019
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"The Student Government Association of the University of Massachusetts passed a motion to endorse a letter asking the University to not renew a 'pouring rights' contract with Coca Cola at their weekly meeting on Monday night.

"The letter, sponsored by the Social Justice and Empowerment committee and President Timmy Sullivan, said that the 'pouring rights' contract UMass currently has with Coca Cola is in 'direct violation of the values that the UMass community stands for.'

"The letter states that 'Coca-Cola is an environmentally unsustainable company' and 'has a problematic record with labor right violations' and that 'having a contract with Coca-Cola directly endorses the actions of this company.'"

Photo by Anish Roy/Collegian

"Two congresswomen want an investigation into CDC's crooked relationship with Coca-Cola" By Nicole Karlis,, February 5, 2019
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"A paper published this week, which analyzed private emails exchanged between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Coca-Cola, revealed how the sugary drink corporation has tried to influence the public health policy decisions of a U.S. federal agency that is supposed to protect Americans' health.

"The paper was published in the health policy journal Milbank Quarterly, and analyzed 295 pages from 86 emails obtained by the public health group U.S. Right To Know under the Freedom of Information Act. Of the non-profit's 10 Freedom of Information Act requests, three were still pending at the time of publication and five were rejected "as too broad or because no records were found," according to the study's authors. Only three were returned."